The Brunch Museum

The Brunch Museum was a project by George Brecht and Stephan Kukowski, honouring the life and work of W E Brunch (head of the Department ‘fot’ Science at Blitzinformation). It consists of around thirty exhibits, mainly objects related to the life and work of Brunch but also including some of the actual ‘fot’ measuring instruments.

The Brunch Museum was first exhibited in London at JPL Fine Arts in 1976, after which it was acquired by the Jean Brown Archive (now at the Getty Museum). It remained in the private collection of Jean Brown and was later purchased from her heirs by the Fluxus Museum, Paros.

The Brunch Museum formed a significant section of the major George Brecht Heterospektive exhibition at the Museum Ludwig, in Cologne (2005) and in the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (2006). It is covered extensively, with numerous illustrations, in ‘George Brecht, a Heterospective‘, (Walther König, Köln; Bilingual edition (2006)

It is currently being restored after damage from transportation.